Teaching oriented to age-specific learning

Classes Nursery, LKG, and UKG are included in the pre-primary division. The Pre-Primary syllabus is centred on age-specific learning outcomes.  At this young age, the objective is to awaken the senses, inquire into various themes and subjects; questions and discoveries are intentionally accepted and encouraged.

Every activity is explored by both the teachers and the students. The teachers reflect on its significance for the individual child to make the learning authentic and personal, by also being aware of the child’s socio-cultural context. 

Here, the classrooms serve a more nuanced purpose. Developmental skills are imparted by observations of nature, construction with building blocks and clay, etc. The youngsters are free to discover and learn at their own speed. Digital learning resources ensure that learning in the Learning Centre. Later, the emphasis changes to their inherent interest in books and artwork.

The below subjects are covered for young children to ensure holistic development:

Maths: To get a sound understanding of the subject (understanding numbers, quantities and operations) through a host of hands-on activities like counting games, number rhymes, puzzles, challenges, etc.
Science: To facilitate observation, investigation, exploration, questioning and documentation of the children’s unique discoveries in many ways with loaded stimuli from the immediate environment.
Storytelling and Poetry: To develop the social, emotional and communication skills.
Physical Education, Games, and Movement: To develop coordination, teamwork, independence and confidence with the help of swings, slides, balancing beams, rope ladders, obstacles etc.
Clay Work and Pottery: To develop fine motor skills and creative expression.
Language: Develop language skills by working and playing with words and objects through phonics and spoken language approach.
Art and Craft : Integral to the way children learn, and how they document their inner worlds and outer experiences, and a great way to connect to the child.
Music and Movement: To engage in creative dance movements, play simple musical instruments and sing.
Excursions and Field Trips: To help widen the knowledge of environment and expand observational skills through the visit of surrounding farms, interaction with local communities and glimpse their culture and lifestyles.
Community Connections: To facilitate regular interactions with the community on special days and assemblies like Grandparents’ Day etc.
Students get to experience creative learning at DPS, Warangal