The approach for activity-based learning is a crucial part of DPS Hanamkonda curriculum. By engaging students in fun activities the school aims to make children understand and learn basic concepts. The diversity of the student batches and their learning preferences are taken into account by this integrated process with a flexible approach. This aids in creating new avenues for kids’ holistic and peaceful growth.

Subjects taught at the Pre-School are as follows-

Music and Movement
Indoor Play
Creative Expression
Open Ended Play Time
Fine Motor Skills
Group Discussion
Book Time


English Phonics
English Reading
‘I Can Read’- Reading Program (ICR)
Second Language (Hindi/Telugu)

For Grade 1

English Story Reader
English Phonics
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Second Language (Hindi/Telugu)

For Grade 2

Second Language (Hindi/Telugu)
Second Language (Hindi/Telugu)

‘I Can Read’ Programme

This is programme is specifically designed to focus on a child’s-

Phonetic Awareness
Reading skills
Comprehension skills
Communication skills

Some of the Academic activities held at the school are-

Handwriting improvement activities
Word Building exercises
English Story Telling
Story Telling in Hindi/ Telugu language
Understanding Number Systems, and many more.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

In keeping with activity based learning orientation, lessons are taught using puppetry techniques in the class. Children are introduced to puppet shows that use stories to convey crucial ideas. Kids  learn various rhymes and songs to hone their phonics abilities. Every so often, excursions are organised to encourage the kids to learn more. Regular outdoor activities are conducted for kids which may include games, swings, and ball pools.

Additionally, there are planned performance activities that include dancing, acting, reciting poetry, skits, and more to help hone their sense of confidence, stage presence, and public participation.

This value-based education system instils wisdom and ethics in children’s developing minds and shapes their behaviour and personalities to the highest standards. Through the many events that take place at DPS Hanamkonda, the children learn important virtues like honesty, fair play, empathy, courage, compassion, and civility.

Major tactics followed at the school includes:

When creating and putting together learning modules, consideration is always given to the students' growth and development.
Values are being interwoven into how children learn.
The school holds regular morning assemblies to commemorate special events.
Good hygiene and etiquette are instilled in students.
The students learn many virtues and values throughout story time and book time.

Evaluation and Assessment

Children are assessed on the basis of their individual growth and development.