“The simplest and shortest ethical percept is to be served as little as possible and to serve others as much as possible” – Leo Tolstoy 

The founders of DPS Warangal ensure that kids have the finest possible setting for cultivating an attitude of generosity and selflessness, in their personal life and in the classroom. Altruism is said to come naturally to children, but as they grow older, this quality tends to disappear.The school strives to implant the idea that charity fosters empathy


Students of DPS Warangal donating blankets to poor children to help them.
Students of DPS Warangal donating blankets to poor children and bringing smiles on their faces.

The school undertakes regular community outreach, and assists government, and municipal programs with infrastructural support for student education, and teacher training; school buses and other amenities are offered to enable access to underprivileged communities and government programs. 

The school donates to the PM Relief Fund during emergencies. To engage the students, contribution campaigns are held frequently for students to participate in voluntarily aimed at developing a strong sense of community, and compassion for those who’re underprivileged. 

Regular visits to orphanages are facilitated by the DPS Warangal School during which blankets, clothes, and food are collected and distributed.