The Music Department aims to kindle the enthusiasm of the musically talented and offer opportunities for all, through music. 

Although we may not all be musicians, whether it’s in the sound of the rain, or birds at the school premises, music is a constant of all our lives and the school believes in inculcating an appreciation for the same. It is embedded in every child’s education at DPS Warangal. Kids are taught vocal techniques ranging from singing to rapping, and there are solely instrumental pieces, solo vocal pieces, and pieces that combine singing and instruments. 

Students are taught Hindustani, and Western Classical music both. Music, both vocal and instrumental, is taught by a music teacher in a music room. The instruments commonly available at the school are Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Cajon, Congos etc. 

At Delhi Public School, Warangal every child is helped to achieve their musical potential through singing and music competitions held at the school on various festive occasions. Students compose songs with the guidance of specially trained music teachers 

Equally, dance is the consort of music. As a performing art, kids are taught various dance forms such as Indian classical dance forms like Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Manipur, etc, 

western dance forms, and contemporary dances like Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Bollywood, Salsa, and many others are taught by professional dance teachers. These teachers are well trained in their fields of study and possess various certifications as well as bachelor’s Degrees or a diploma in dance. There is a separate well-equipped dance room for the practice. The rooms are spacious enough which facilitate smooth practice sessions for students and the staff to prepare for various stage events and competitions. 

To celebrate occasions such as Annual Day, Sports Day and other cultural festivals students are engaged in solo or group dance performances. With these opportunities for development, the spotlight helps bolster confidence among kids. Dignitaries, and special guests often attend these events.