Four pillars of approach

DPS Warangal’s approach to education is centred around four tenets to ensure well-rounded development. 

Scientific temperament 
Compassion towards self and others
Creative disposition towards problem solving
Academic excellence with a view to developing future leaders
Three girls of DPS Warangal standing with a mic and giving a speech.

Students at DPS Warangal are taught the interrelationship of human knowledge, to foster an appreciation of their creative skills,  and inculcate the idea of “learning as a lifelong process”. The use of modern technology makes this easy and stimulating  for young minds alongside building a level of curiosity to explore more. 

To develop a sense of scientific temperament within children, their mindset is moulded to think  rationally and have an unbounded approach towards life. Students are encouraged to use reliable observational thinking and not  merely rely on facts and logic.

Every student is given equal opportunity to grow in different fields of academics, creativity, and sports –with the view to develop a sense of responsibility, teamwork and leadership within themselves. At the same time, the school encourages kids to practise compassion and kindness towards others and even themselves.

DPS Warangal student doing experiment in science lab
Teacher in a light green suit teaching students robotics in the robotic lab.

Regular educational trips to nearby and foreign locales help them tackle real-life challenges and how to handle them with intellect and a positive attitude. Having an optimistic approach to life is one of the teaching goals of our school. We help students be consistent and positive in their behaviours to help create a positive outlook on life. 

The school prepares its students to develop  and demonstrate creative disposition to solve real world problems through the lens of creativity and innovation.

Students standing under the Explore title went on an international trip.
DPS Warangal students and a teacher at NASA with the people who work there.
DPS Warangal students and a teacher standing ahead of NASA globe.

In the residential area of the school students are taught discipline and a sense of responsibility to make sure they grow better as an individual. After-school study sessions are held in the dorms and every student is provided with staff teachers to guide them whenever they are in need. 

The perfect blend of studies and excursion is practised at Delhi Public School Warangal –the best CBSE Residential School in Warangal.

DPS Warangal hostel premises are in yellow ,red, and brownish colors as seen in an eagle-eye view.