The transportation at DPS Warangal is well-equipped with facilities in line with the required by CBSE norms and the RTO department’s guidelines. There are 40 school buses and vans available to pick up and drop pupils from different areas safely. The bus routes cover all parts of the city. 

The school has employed well-trained and experienced drivers, as well as female attendants to provide a good, and safe experience for the students during their commute. Thorough background checks are done prior to hiring. 

These buses are durable, hassle-free, and conscientiously serviced and maintained. To counter emergencies buses are equipped with first-aid kits and fire extinguishers. 

This school transport facility minimises absenteeism and late coming thus making students punctual to school and reach  their homes conveniently. Additionally, given the standard experience kids have while commuting allows for time to interact with students from different classes, and creates an atmosphere of vibrant camaraderie.

One small girl getting into the school bus at DPS Warangal.
Dps Warangal school buses standing with their drivers and attendants.
Students of DPS, Warangal entering the yellow coloured school bus in proper sequence.
The bus service is provided to the students at the sole discretion of DPS Warangal.
The students can avail themselves of the transport facility at the beginning of the academic session.
The rules may differ as per the need of the school at any point in time.