Swimming is one of the most eagerly awaited activities for every student at DPS Warangal school. The half Olympic sized swimming pool is one of the biggest pools in Warangal. The facility is also used to conduct district and state level swimming competitions. 

There is also another mini-sized pool for younger children which is used for children up to Grade V. There are changing room[s], and separate shower areas for boys and girls, with all safety norms taken under consideration with great precision. There are separate timings for boys and girls to use the pool. The coaches are well-trained to tackle emergencies as well as there are other lifeguards and attendants present who make sure of the student’s safety.

DPS, Warangal students practicing swimming in large pool under expert's guidance

The swimming sessions are held regularly during school hours and also during  summer vacations.

Special summer camps are held at the time of summer vacations which include training programs for students who are interested in the particular sport.  The duration of the camp is about 25 days in the month of April to May, each year. Students are coached for inter-school swimming competitions as well. As a result of this rigour, the school has won several swimming competitions, as well as several awards and medals.

In addition, the school has also coached 100s of students [even from other schools] in swimming, as a way of helping kids learn an important life skill.

DPS, Warangal students practicing swimming in large and small pool under expert's guidance

The maintenance of the swimming pool at DPS Warangal is a top priority and is regularly maintained and cleaned. The cleaning of the pools is done each morning and following the dispersal of the students.The water is purifiers using chemical sterilisation procedures to ensure a safe experience. There are multiple floats and other safety equipment present around the pool area to avoid any kind of mishaps. 

DPS, Warangal students practicing multiple sports such as cricket,basketball and skating

To instil a sense of competition, teamwork and active movement, DPS Warangal has a huge sports field and state-of-the-art amenities for basketball, cricket,football, volleyball, skating, swimming, yoga, and many other games. Each sport has specialised coaches to provide the highest level of training and excellence for students, based on their talent, and sportive inclination.

The school has put special emphasis on including yoga as part of a student’s daily routine.

Regular yoga exercises are performed by children which includes meditation, breath control pranayama, posture relaxation and toning and many other beneficial asanas. This helps students to improve their flexibility, balance and posture. It also increases memory and helps them relax. 

A healthy sporting environment also helps students prepare for the rest of their life, after their formal education. More so, sports also teach students the value of humility. The competitions will teach them how to accept defeat and how to start a new.

“Healthy mind in a healthy body” is the motto of the school which is followed in every step of the DPS Warangal curriculum. 

Students of DPS, Waragal playing basketball in the basketball court wearing the basketball uniform.

The playgrounds are fully utilised by the students during their scheduled game periods. The students are always accompanied to the ground by two sports teachers who teach different types of indoor and outdoor games. Keeping in mind the programs (Annual Sports Day, March past for Independence Day), the students are trained by the sports teachers from the very beginning of the academic session.There are different kinds of sport activities conducted every saturday at the school. 

These Saturday activities are held between the houses of the school and these include games like- Kho-Kho, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, cricket, Kabaddi and many more. For primary school students motor activities are conducted such as running, jumping, walking etc. 

Sports and outdoor activities nourish a child’s thinking capacity and help improve physical strength. One of the best attitudes that will be developed in joining sports teams is teamwork.

Students practicing skting in the skating court of DPS, Warangal wearing helmet and skating shoes

As DPS Warangal is known for its infrastructure and sports facilities in the region, the skating rink at the school is among the major attractions for sports-loving students

The school hosts the biggest skating rink in the region; and is made of stone. There are well-trained coaches present at the school to teach skating , skillfully. 

Skating helps in improving balance and motor coordination skills and is therefore an important skill to learn. For  adolescents in particular, it helps them with speed, balance, and strengthening their growing musculoskeletal structures. 

Given the benefits of the sport, DPS Warangal offers this excellent activity for students, across ages, along with coaching. Students can bring their roller skates as well. If a student doesn’t own skates, they can also be issued through the sports room of the school directly. Proper safety measures are ensured by the coaches to ensure safe play. The skating rink at the school is also available for the boarding students in the evening hours.