Every year the school conducts a plethora of sports activities for the students to help them boost up their physical strengths and endurances. These activities include athletics, indoor games and outdoor sports. There are  plenty of sports events planned timely according to the school calendar.

Every age group of students are offered sports activities at DPS Warangal. There are inter-house competitions held among children from the four houses of the school i.e The Ganges, The Godavari, The Krishna and The Kaveri house. The houses are named before the rivers of India. The school has an incredibly robust and sophisticated inter-house competitive system which allows students to participate in different activities at the school.

The Ganges House with a colour of Blue moves with a motto of Greater Adversity, Equal in Prosperity.”
The Godavari House is represented by Yellow colour and their maxim is “I Remain Unvanquished”.
The Kaveri House is represented by the colour Red and their motto “Perseverance & Persistence”.
The fourth house is the Krishna House with the colour Green operates with the maxim of “Reverence, Responsible and Resilience”.

Kids participate in sports like kho-kho, athletics, football, volleyball, cricket, handball and many more. Students from the primary and secondary classes are also involved in motor-developmental activities such as running and jumping. Sports provides a unifying platform to develop their personality, leadership, team work, and learning to harness their own potential as well as team mates –a lifelong skill for leaders that the school hopes to develop.