Building educational foundations

Classes 1 – 5 make up the Primary division. The school’s goal is to use the depth and breadth of the curriculum in conjunction with a wide range of disciplines based on age-appropriate learning objectives. Children at this age are lively, interested, adventurous, outspoken, and, most importantly, unreservedly honest, the school believes. Thus, at this stage, the emphasis is on enhancing a sense of inquiry, fostering investigation, and instilling confidence in key learning abilities including reading, writing, listening, speaking, information technology proficiency, problem-solving, observation, and measurement.

At DPS, Warangal teachers helping students in planting trees and spreading message to save trees
Kids along with their friends and teachers enjoying a picnic day at school
Children learn and grow through a variety of informal ways, such as projects, activities, presentations, and hands-on experiences, in addition to formal education.
Learning Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science both separately and in combination fosters an awareness of these disciplines across disciplinary boundaries.
Field trips, which are organised for specific educational goals, provide us with interesting chances for experiential learning.
Also available are computer courses. Students are exposed to the idea and application of information and communication technology through this.
DPS Warangal provides opportunities in dance, fine arts, western and Indian music, speech, and drama through our teaching.This encourages the learners' holistic growth.
The integration of technology serves the interests of the students. Every student has the chance to work at his or her own pace and level when using digital boards with mapped multimedia content, which allows for powerful differentiation.
For kids, the library serves as a place to promote reading and a chance to learn about many types of information.