Principal Pillai Manjumol Shivashankar of DPS Warangal School, sitting behind her desk, at school, wearing a blue saree.

Pillai Manjumol Shivashankar

“It is only through education, we can create a man and a society which will be healthy, youthful, loving, soulful, overflowing with joy, always ready to share with anyone — because nobody is a stranger on the earth; the whole earth is one family.

The ultimate goal of education and learning is to be one with existence .

Parents are the first Teachers of the child and we Teachers are the second parents of the children .

A child starts learning in her mother’s womb, then learns mother tongue and learns walking by holding the finger of father.

Family is the first School for the child where s/he learns the values cultural and traditions.

School and Teachers add more values to it and prepare a solid foundation for her/him for the life to come, to face the challenges of life and to live joyfully forever.

God bless our children and DPS Warangal.