Dr. Ch. Inna Reddy,
D. Litt.

Dear Students and Parents,


I believe that Education is not for life, Education itself is life. A decade of service and excellence, DPS Warangal has transformed many lives. We, at DPS Warangal passionately believe that every child is uniquely blessed and born for greater things – netus nobilis – and every child is an awesome pack of surprises and capacities. The etymological meaning of the word Educare is ‘to bring out’. I believe the role of an educator is to unpack or unearth the treasure that is within a child. DPS Warangal is established to give an affordable, excellent and holistic education to the children. We make the students locally grounded in culture and globally envisioned for the future. Ours is a child centric approach. When we unearth the capabilities of a child then there is scope for harnessing and nurturing the talent and the skills.

We also focus on the happiness quotient and emotional quotient of the child through various life skill activities. “The future depends on what we do in the present.” says Mahatma Gandhi. At DPS Warangal, we prepare the students to be future ready. Our vision is to create well-rounded, sensible, grateful, confident, joyful and responsible individuals who can succeed not only academically but also in every other aspect of their lives. 

We are committed to quality and competence. We provide a plethora of opportunities for our students to improve themselves. The pleasant, peaceful and beautiful ambience of DPS Warangal, intrinsically motivates happy scholastic activity. Passionate and well-qualified staff are our strength.

DPS Warangal is the place where no child is ignored. Compassion and consideration are the core values of our child centric paradigm. 

“Give us a child and we give you a personality” and your dream for your child is accomplished at DPS Warangal.

God bless us all.

Dr. Ch. Inna Reddy, D. Litt.


DPS, Warangal