Multi-disciplinary learning for tech enhancement

One of the advantages of teaching robotics at the school level is that it is taught through methods of gamification which makes it easier and more interesting for students to understand. The study of robotics is a branch of technology that deals with the design, construct, operation, development and application of robots and computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing. students are taught to focus on the design, analysis and operations of robots. They learn about building electronic circuits, robot designing, concepts for computer programming, artificial intelligence and a lot more. 

Students are sitting in a circle with the teacher, who helping them in with some technical thing.
Two students learning robotics with the teacher in the robotics room.
Students standing behind the table with their projects on the table beside their teacher.

 The students at the school are involved in learning this activity at individual level as well as with groups. This helps them to build a sense of teamwork and thereby teaches them to work cooperatively and collaboratively for bigger projects. 

In the past, a “RAAI Workshop” was conducted with the aim to produce a quality workforce in the fields of robotics and automation. This workshop was envisioned to make the students more tech savvy and to be able to read PCB board connections like reading a novel. This focus on robotics in particular is to ensure children remain competitive in this hugely demanding and competitive industry in the years to come. 

Two girls of DPS Warangal, testing the robotics experiment in the class.