Morning schedule for students

The day starts with kids entering the school early, after a bus ride, or arriving from the residential block. Students gather for morning assembly which includes recitation of prayers, the national anthem, physical exercises, yoga, class assemblies, and many more to give a head start to the day. The highlight of the morning routine is a short newspaper reading session with the students. Each student is provided with copies of the newspaper to read. This unique habit helps them improve their general knowledge and become aware of current events.

Following this schedule, students start their classes. The school makes sure that they get adequate breaks between classes, and therefore they have a short recess before lunchtime.

Through the course of the day, several co-curricular and sports activities are conducted. These activities include games and physical fitness periods, compulsory music classes, yoga sessions and so on. These activities are slotted into each student’s timetable.

Often, students have conflicting ideas about attending a boarding school. DPS Warangal provides balanced study along with co-curricular activities for relaxation and exploration

Students can look forward to making new friends. Although staying away from families can be a disruptive and somewhat difficult experience for many students, it is eased by the friendly, energetic, activity based atmosphere with learning experiences that help them thrive in every aspect of their lives.

After school ends, students focus on homework sessions and self-study hours under the supervision of different subject teachers. The teachers help students solve their doubts and clear their concepts where required. In the evening students are given healthy and delicious snacks. 

Students get time for play too! Specific sports coaches are available in the 

evening for students to enjoy sports such as Hockey, Football, Cricket, Tennis, etc.

After playtime, children are provided with refreshments such as bananas and milk. On occasions like festivals and annual days, students are given specially prepared treats to celebrate.

The evening study hours are supervised by the subject matter experts who provide proper guidance. The day ends with dinner, finally.

On Sundays and holidays, students are given time to relax. For entertainment purposes, students are engaged in activities like movie hours, sports on TV, and campfires in winter.