Gold Medal recognition by Governor of Telangana


DPS Warangal, the best CBSE school in Warangal, was awarded with a gold medal for its work with the Red Cross by Hon’ble Governor of Telangana, Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan, for work in Junior Red Cross programs. The awards were presented by District Collector of Warangal Shri Rajiv Gandhi Hanumanthu and Warangal MLA, Govt. Chief Whip Shri Dassyam Vinay Bhaskar. The Warangal chapter of Indian Red Cross society organised the event to recognise contributors to the program in the district. 

As part of the Junior red cross the school conducts a training camp for the students to teach them life skills such as First aid, CPR etc. The students also volunteer their time in various health camps organised by Indian Red Cross Society.

The Junior Red Cross unit was established in Delhi Public School Warangal with the hope of encouraging younger generations to cultivate their compassionate spirit by understanding the principles and ideas of humanitarian activities. The practice of volunteering and participating in activities which support community initiatives is to foster a sense of empathy towards others, and built on the principles of charitable participation of DPS Society. Students not only support external programs but also take the time to help fundraise for events organised by the school such as educational summer camps for local underprivileged children, flood donation donations during calamities, and so on. Additionally, students also participate in other organisational initiatives such as Blue Cross.  

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman and Managing Director of, Ravi Kiran Reddy V. said, “We are happy to be in receipt of this award which recognises the humanitarian values we aim to instil in our children. When we speak of well-rounded education for the children of Warangal, our focus is in ensuring that we provide a foundation for excellence not just in the academic, or extracurricular sphere, but also in raising individuals who are conscious of the community around them, and are always thinking about giving back to the society they inhabit.”

Speaking on the occasion, Principal, Pillai Manjumol Shivashankar, said, “As the educators of children, our work is to help in nation building. The award our students have received is not only testament to their efforts, and compassionate minds, but also to the teachers who spend time in fostering such values. It’s only through a shared sense of community, and responsibility that we can move forward. We’re proud to have such students in our school today, and hope to continue with this fervour to support causes.”