Model United Nations at DPS Warangal

Students enjoy not only just reading the ideas from the text but delight in seeing their names on the top performer’s list. Today we have different kinds of lists for top parliamentarians, top speakers, top debaters, top leaders, and top statesmen; the lists can go on and on. It was a magnificent drill that may be a favorite one of all students in our school. Today DPS students learn a lot of novel things from this fabulous experience.

X-grade students of DPS Warangal organized a Model Summit of the United Nations on 20th August 2019 on the school premises. Students acted in the different roles of the office bearers of the United Nations as well as they became the renowned front-runners of various nations in the world for one day. They discussed all the protuberant political and social issues of many countries in their Summit of Model United Nations.

Our children who became famous proficient statesmen for this one day exposed their profound political and social knowledge. They shared outstanding ideas to solve the serious radical disputes that the world faces today. Furthermore, they have spoken on military actions, empowerment of women, social progress of marginalized people, Kashmir issues and Article 370, and frugal growth of underdeveloped countries. They were very serious about their talk and expressions. Various committees presented world issues in front of different chairs of Model United Nations. Everything was under the control of the students. They could successfully manage the administration, security system, and so on. 

The chairs of the Security Council of the United Nations were decorated by the presence of Adityavardhan Reddy and K Amandeep. K Harshavardhan Reddy and S Nypunya were on the chairs of the United Nations Committee for Women affairs. The ASEAN committee was governed by D Nandini and D Devayani. Alina Farista, Manjeera, and Ishika Nirman were the responsible chairs of Lok Sabha. Chairs for BCCI were handled by Harsh Kumar and Jawahar. Vedik Manda along with Shirley Christolite and Abdul Rahman managed the chairs for UN General Assembly. D Devayani was the Secretary General of DPS Warangal MUN.