Delhi Public School Warangal Annual Day Celebrations 2022

Students performing dance on the stage

Delhi Public School Warangal celebrated its 9th Annual day on the theme ‘Eternal India’ with great zeal and enthusiasm. Students actively participated in various events during the celebration. The grand celebration was spread across two days. It was received with a lot of excitement since it was conducted after a gap of three years. The first day i.e 22/12/22 was devoted to Nursery to V std. The second day i.e 23/12/22 for classes from VI to IX std. To accommodate the audience and ensure clear visibility, the annual day event was organised at DPS Warangal premises on the ground with ample space and six LED screens.

Chief Guests

The chief guest for the event was Prof. N V Ramana Rao, Director, NIT, Warangal, and the Guest of honor was Prof. V Gopal Reddy, former Vice-Chancellor, Kakatiya University, Palamuru University, and Honorary Chairman DPS, Warangal. V Raji Reddy, President, V Rakesh Reddy, Vice President, and V Ravi Kiran Reddy, Pro Vice Chairman, the Principal, and the Vice Principal were present on the occasion. The event began with a welcome song (We Welcome) and dance prepared by students for the warm welcome of dignitaries accompanied by the lighting of the lamp along with slokas recitation and prayer.

The stage performances began with an orchestra where a team of 70-80 students showcased their spectacular musical skills by playing various instruments ranging from guitar, keyboard, Cajon, and drums. The musical performance reflected the collective efforts of the school and students to achieve musical potential through various practice sessions.

Highlights of the Annual Function

Among the various activities conducted during the Annual Day 2022 celebrations, the highlights included yoga, martial arts, public speaking (21st-century skills), speed painting, robotics, and a skating display. 

  • Yoga and Meditation

The yoga performance was just one aspect of the annual day celebration at DPS Warangal but it was certainly a memorable one. The students did an excellent job of creating a sense of calm and tranquillity on the mat. As the students took their places on the mat, the audience fell silent, eager to see what the performers had in store. The music began, and the students flowed through a series of poses that demonstrated strength, grace, and focus. The poses ranged from challenging standing balances to restorative stretches, and the students moved with fluidity and precision. As the students moved through the poses, the audience watched with fascination and many were inspired to try yoga themselves. 

The trainers and students who participated in the performance should be proud of their hard work and dedication. They have certainly inspired many of their peers with their excellent display of strength.

  • Public-Speaking

Throughout the day, it was evident that the students had worked hard to develop their public speaking abilities. They spoke confidently and clearly and were able to engage the audience with their knowledge and enthusiasm. Public speaking is an essential skill for success in the 21st century. It was a pleasure for the  3000 spectators to see the young kids putting them into practice. 

  • Robotics Display

The event featured a series of demonstrations and competitions showcasing the skills and creativity of the school’s robotics team. The platform afforded an opportunity to showcase the skills and creativity of the school’s robotics team. It also served as a testament to the importance of STEM education. It helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills required to succeed in the future. The activity included a series of demonstrations by the robotics team. Students showed off their robots and explained the various tasks and challenges they had overcome during the year. The audience was impressed by the robot’s agility and problem-solving abilities as they tackled the tasks with precision and speed.

  • Skating Display

The skating display began with a series of basic skating techniques, such as forward and backward skating, turns, and stops. The students demonstrated their skills with precision and grace. They progressed to advanced tricks such as spins, jumps, and footwork which need a lot of skill, balance, and practice. A group of advanced skaters who performed a series of synchronised jumps and spins, demonstrating their exceptional coordination skills which impressed the audience a lot. 

Principal’s Speech

The Principal spoke on the achievements of DPS Warangal. Chief guest Prof. N V Ramana Rao’s speech on essential qualities for achieving success in one’s career was met with applause and was inspirational. Prof. Gopal Reddy gave a valuable message to both teachers and learners that they should choose the right path and focus on value-based learning. The memorable two-day-long celebration ended by extending a special vote of thanks to the dignitaries, students, teachers, and audience.