How Can 10-Year-Old Geniuses Boost Creativity?

A group of girls in uniform doing the creativity on the model

Imagining a 10-year-old as a genius might seem somewhat unreal. However, it’s all about encouraging their curious little genius minds  that chase them behind random questions all day long! Unlocking the genius within becomes a task for every parent and educator. Why focus on 10-year-olds, you ask? Science says it’s a vibrant age where the brain is as flexible as an Olympic gymnast, and abstract thinking just begins to kick in. It’s the crucial window of time where creative brilliance can be nurtured or, sadly, dampened. 

Now, where does DPS Warangal fit in all of this? Is it because of its lush green campus that it is a luxury of today’s concrete environments that spark creativity? Or is it a result of its rock solid reputation, which makes parents queue up for admissions? You could say it’s all of that, and more. DPS Warangal embodies an educational philosophy that believes in nurturing the genius of its students rather than merely teaching them. 

Getting to know how your 10 year old’s mind works

In developmental terms, it’s when your mini-me is neither here nor there. They’re not teens yet, but the simplicity of childhood has flown the coop too. They have clearer ideas of who they are and what their likes/dislikes are. Our human brain develops in intricate and beautiful choreography. In this instance, a pre-teen’s brain is busy constructing connections, weaving experiences into a tapestry of neurons or neural pathways. These changes, while impressive, have a dark side – the creativity conundrum. As the brain matures it also specialises, which can affect creativity. As the brain is evolving, it is attempting to streamline efficiency and in turn,  lead to different outputs from the same activities. It’s these series of changes that mean that your pre-teen no longer are as artistic as he used to be. 

Unleashing Creativity: A Proven Six-Step Approach

These tiny human beings are filled to the brim with boundless energy, relentless curiosity, and yes, an uncanny ability to respond with “Why?” to absolutely everything. This is the age where their internal genius starts itching to break free. 


1. The right environment: 

Think Albert Einstein, Mozart or Picasso – they all had something in common other than their brilliance. It was an idyllic environment. How to achieve this? A little decluttering and adding inspiring elements like books, art and listening to Mozart (or maybe One Direction) while they do their homework? 

2. Supporting grit and resilience: 

Life is like a roller coaster; only that in this ride you’re the one controlling the brakes. Ensure your kids learn this fact early on. Let them scrape their knees. Let them fail and learn. After all, success and creativity thrive on fear. Help them broaden their horizons. They don’t need to memorise capitals of all 195 countries in the world but knowing something about them should certainly help. Exposure to various fields often triggers the sparks of genius that are already subtly flickering inside them. 

3. Giving them an external mentor: 

Have you ever had that one professor or boss who could inspire you just with their energy? Find someone like that for your kids to give them their share of effective guidance. Be it an inspiring school teacher, a cousin in the police, or even that neighbour uncle who makes beautiful birdhouses – a mentor can clear the haze of confusion and channelise your kids’ energy effectively. 

4. Building a passion for practice: 

The road to mastery, unfortunately, isn’t jammed with traffic. It’s paved with practice. Be it mathematics or ballet, encourage them to perform. Make them understand that if success is a destination, then practice is the only vehicle with an assured mileage. 

5. Explaining the value of patience: 

Genius is not brewed in a minute. It requires ample time marinating in the juices of contemplation, trials, failures, and iterations. Think of some of your own best ideas –they didn’t come under pressure but instead on a walk somewhere completely disconnected with your problem at hand. With the right blend of environment, resilience, exposure, mentorship, practice, and patience, your pre-teens are all set to surprise you! 

What DPS Warangal Offers?

Roll up your sleeves as we lift the curtain on the academic kabuki that plays at DPS Warangal. The magic of DPS ethos, or the ‘DPS Pedagogy’ as we call it—is in the realm of building futures that radiate promise! Think of it as an Ecosystem of Excellence. This ecosystem is all about creating a rich, dynamic environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and the courage to colour outside the lines. It’s where kids get to construct knowledge rather than having it spoon-fed.  DPS Warangal’s students have a long history of working to organise drives, summer camps for learning, blood donation campaigns, annual day performances or the head-scratching science exhibition ideas —all of these are results of turning the pedagogy into practice.

The beauty of DPS Warangal lies not only in our philosophies and practices but in the gleaming eyes of our students, ready to take on the world (or maybe conquer Mars, who knows with these Gen Z kids!). Parents, grab a binocular, and watch this space as we navigate the unchartered territories of the mysterious adolescent mind and unlock the unimaginable potential of your ten-year-old wonders. Because let’s face it, there’s never a dull day at DPS Warangal. 

Your Role as Parents

When it comes to nurturing your little Einstein-to-be at DPS Warangal, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to offer! 

First, a budding genius needs loads of elbow room when it comes to curiosity. As their parent, you should be that magical spark that ignites their curiosity and sets them off on a journey of discovery. Let your kid ask you endless questions and do your best to answer them. On the many occasions you don’t know the answers, why not let your own curiosity loose and join forces with your child in a fun-filled scavenger hunt for knowledge? After all, curiosity may have killed the cat, but it certainly strengthens the bond with your little one. 

As a genius-nurturer-in-chief, you must be a master of dos and don’ts. 

Our top tips: Praise the effort, not the result; encourage exploration and experimentation without fear of failure; and for goodness’ sake, forget the constant comparison with other kids. 

Instead, focus on your child’s strengths and passions, helping them hone in on their unique gifts. That’s where the real genius lies! But the greatest and most critical piece of the puzzle is the formidable home-school partnership. 

When parents and educators join forces, there is a synergy between the two teams with the common goal of fostering curiosity! Keep your lines of communication with DPS Warangal wide open. Attend PTA meetings, even if it may seem awkward, and develop a good parent-teacher relationship. Be proactive and engaged in your child’s school life. The results are well worth the effort. 

The Admission Enigma: Solved!

The biggest question you’d ponder  is whether to go Residential or stick to Day School? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all here. Your little genius may want 24/7 learning, or perhaps he needs the comfort of his superhero bedsheets. At DPS Warangal, they make both work! The entire admission process is easy. Be ready to fall in love with excellence, because the scholastic charm is irresistible. 

Kick-start your child’s incredible journey today. After all, it’s the decisions we make that shape tomorrow’s champions! If you still think that this is not enough to convince, why not come to the campus and experience the hallowed school’s grounds yourself?