How DPS Warangal prepares your child to speak confidently and communicate well?

A kid speaking confidently in classroom

Effective communication skills are essential for success in both personal and professional life. As a parent, you want to ensure that your child has the necessary skills to communicate confidently and effectively. DPS Warangal is committed to preparing students to become excellent communicators. Here’s how:

1. Debating and public speaking –

Debating and Public Speaking are two extracurricular activities that DPS Warangal offers to help students develop their public speaking skills. Students participate in regular debates and discussions on various topics, where they learn to articulate their thoughts and ideas effectively. The school also organizes competitions and workshops to help students enhance their speaking skills. On a daily basis, kids present their thoughts in the daily assembly and also read the newspaper on a daily basis –an art lost to the times of digital news as a means to help them develop reading skills, and concentration, too. 

2. English language proficiency –

DPS Warangal places a strong emphasis on English language proficiency. The school offers a comprehensive English language curriculum that includes reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Students are encouraged to read extensively, which helps improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

3. Group discussions and presentations –

Group discussions and presentations are a regular part of the curriculum at school. Students participate in group discussions where they learn to express their opinions and listen to other’s viewpoints. They are also taught how to create effective presentations and deliver them confidently.

4. Interpersonal communication skills –

The institution believes that interpersonal communication skills are just as important as public speaking skills. The school focuses on developing students’ listening and empathizing skills, which helps them connect with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

5. Role-playing and debates –

Role-playing and debates are two classroom activities that DPS Warangal uses to improve students’ communication skills. Role-playing helps students understand different perspectives and learn how to communicate effectively in different situations. Debates provide a platform for students to practice their public speaking skills and develop critical thinking.

DPS Warangal prepares students to communicate confidently and effectively by offering a comprehensive English language curriculum, encouraging them to express themselves at different times, and creating opportunities for public speaking, group discussions, and presentations, role-playing, and debates. The school’s focus on interpersonal communication skills ensures that students can connect with people from different backgrounds and cultures. These skills serve students well as they transition to life outside school, professionally or personally.