How Independence Day celebrations are conducted at DPS Warangal?

Independence Day celebrations at DPS Warangal.

Independence day is celebrated on 15th August in India to signify the end of a 200-year-old British rule over India and a new beginning of freedom and independence. It is crucial to teach kids about Independence day as it marks the beginning of an independent India. India is a country rich in culture, heritage and diversity and children should have a sense of pride and love for their country and should appreciate the sacrifices made to achieve freedom. Independence day is an occasion when everyone comes together and celebrates India’s unity in diversity that makes our country great. Independence day allows us to check on the progress made by India in so many years. It promotes patriotism and nationalism towards the nation.  

Celebration of Independence Day at DPS Warangal –

1. Flag hoisting ceremony

The flag hoisting signifies the rise of a new nation and end of British domination. DPS Warangal commemorates the celebration of Independence day by flag hoisting ceremony where students and teachers honour the national flag. 

2. Dance Performance

Students dress up as freedom fighters and “Bharat Mata”. Independence day celebration is incomplete without a dance performance on patriotic songs like “desh rangila” and “mere desh ki dharti.” Students perform dances wearing white, green and saffron-colored clothes. Student who represents Bharat Mata wears a red and white saree with a crown and flag in her hand.

3. Play

Students dress up as freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose and Mahatma Gandhi, and perform plays to signify the sacrifices made by freedom fighters and to present the events in the form of plays that took place in the past to achieve Independence.

4. Singing

Students gather in groups and sing patriotic songs like “ae mere watan ke longon” with full zeal and enthusiasm. This brings a sense of fulfilment and responsibility for the country and reasons to cherish your mother land and feel proud of it. Independence day celebration at school is a completely unique and delightful experience for each student and by the end of the celebration, they gain a lot of memories.


Teachers and students decorate the school with tricolour flags, balloons and flowers. Students also decorate the bulletin boards with creative charts and drawings to highlight the importance of independence day celebrations.