How to choose between Science, Commerce, and Arts for your child

Choose between Science, Commerce, and Arts for your child

In a time where the common wisdom is to suggest good scorers to choose science and average or low scorers to choose commerce or arts as a stream, selecting the right stream for your child is a critical and most important decision. Your child’s future and career depends on this decision so you must choose wisely. Give your child the freedom to take this decision and you can assist them to choose the best by following these tips:

  1. Listen carefully whenever your child describes his/her likes and dislikes. Help them discover their strengths, weaknesses, interests and passions.
  2. Research thoroughly on the internet about various streams and career choices in each one of them.
  3. Make your choice considering your child’s dreams and aspirations.
  4. Observe your child’s performance in extracurricular activities as academics is not the only career option.
  5. Take your child to career guidance sessions and talk to counselors.
  6. Take your child to education fairs to expand their horizon and help them make a better decision.
  7. Career assessment tests will help your child know about various career prospects in each field and know which field piques their curiosity.


Now let’s know about the career choices each stream offers:

1. Science –

The field of science required a level of interest and  regular study. In order to excel in science subjects, continuous practice,revision and dedication is required. Lack of interest in science can cause academic stress. It is important to have a strong foundation to qualify competitive exams and also promote discoveries and inventions. The major advantage of choosing science is that the child is eligible to switch to non-science options in future. The common careers in science streams are Engineering, medicine, computer science, electronics, information technology (IT), dental science, space exploration, biochemistry, astronomy, microbiology, genetics, biotechnology.

2. Commerce –

The study of trade, business operations and commercial activities is classified as commercial education. If your child chooses commerce, then he/she will get a chance to study new subjects which they have not studied before such as business studies, accounts, economics. Commerce increases a child’s knowledge in the field of financial and economical world, building entrepreneurship skills. Commerce is a subject that is always going to generate demand for professionals whether it is accounts or finance experts or managers. Common career choices in  commerce stream are BBA, CA, B.COM, BMS, BBM, trade, business, finance, banking, and accounting. Your child could aspire to become a company secretary, chartered accountant or management professional.

3. Humanities –

A child possessing creative skills can choose humanities as a stream. It enhances critical thinking and analysis skills. The students get a chance to study a wide range of subjects such as geography, literature, history, psychology, philosophy, sociology and political science. The students also gain a good knowledge about languages, history and culture. There are diverse career choices in the field of humanities which includes psychologist, writer, musician, journalism, teaching and administrative services. If your child aspires to join civil services then choosing humanities will be a great decision.