How to choose the right CBSE school for your child in Warangal?

Choose the right CBSE school for your child

Being a parent, you’ll always want to select a school that follows a standardised syllabus and understands your child’s potential. CBSE is the dominant board in India and is offered by many schools in India. These schools maintain a balance between curriculum and co-curricular activities to promote the overall development of children and allow them to showcase their talents.

There are many CBSE schools in Warangal, choose the one that:

1. Has a good academic reputation

Choose a school that offers the best academic experience to children with the best facilities and teachers who encourage students to perform their best. The school forms the basis for higher education and it should be best so that the child achieves great heights in their career.

2. Believes in imparting practical education

The school must balance theoretical knowledge with practical. Practical learning helps students to implement theoretical concepts into real life situations by performing experiments. This creates a deeper impact and improves the understanding of the subject.

3. Offers an overall development

The school must encourage holistic development of a child through various co-curricular activities. Teachers should approach children individually and understand their potential. Students strive to do better and evolve as a better human being in an environment that recognises their talent.

CBSE guideline mentions the following facilities in its guidelines:

1. Proper classroom

There must be a proper classroom with suitable furniture commensurate with the strength of students. There should be an ideal student-teacher ratio. Schools should offer e-learning based classrooms with adequate space for each student and teacher.

2. Library

There should be a sizable library with sufficient number or age appropriate books in each field. The books must include journals, encyclopaedia, periodicals ,fictional and non-fiction books. 

3. Laboratories

School must encourage practical learning through real life experimentation. The school must have dedicated and well-equipped laboratories for each subject like Physics, Chemistry, biology, computer and maths.

4. Rooms for extracurricular activities

Different rooms for various extracurricular activities like dance, music, arts and crafts must be provided by the school in order to increase students involvement in extracurricular activities which leads to holistic development of students. Schools must have a large ground where students can practice sports and other activities.

5. Proper hygiene

The School will provide clean and hygienic toilets separately for boys and girls on each floor with washing facilities in proportion to the number of students. The water and food provided in the school should be clean and nutritious.

6. Students with special needs

CBSE guidelines mentions that school shall promote inclusion of students with special needs in the normal school as per provisions of the “Rehabilitation of Persons With Disabilities Act 2016’ and National Policy of Education”.

Warangal has the best CBSE schools in the region that provide the facilities mentioned above and DPS Warangal is one of them that follows all the guidelines properly and provides the facilities mentioned above like sizable library, science laboratories, computer laboratory, grounds, swimming pools, hygienic food, and e-learning based classrooms.