How to prepare for the Math Olympiad?

Students solving maths problem in the classroom at DPS Warangal.

Maths is a subject that has several real-life uses. Most of the activities that we perform include math and it forms the base of learning and career whether it is Engineering, Health, Architecture, Science, Finance, Arts and Information Technology. Maths develops the skills that involve problem solving, computation, differentiating and calculation. Everyone should have the basic knowledge of math such as measurement, fractions, counting and basic calculations about weight, quantity and time. Maths is a vast field and scope and is not just limited to equations and numbers.

The main purpose of conducting Olympiads is to discover talented students at a school level from across the globe. The objective of this platform is to evaluate a student’s abilities in mathematics and their potential in solving tricky mathematics problems, to check their in-depth knowledge about a topic. It helps students to focus on a variety of questions and it follows the regular board syllabus. It improves problem solving skills which reduces the fear of math among students and improves their academic score.


Importance of participating in math Olympiad:

1. Exposure

Olympiads provide students a common platform to showcase their skills and provide them exposure amongst the students with similar educational level which helps them estimate their learning and their understating too is put to test.

2. Impact on overall skills

The Olympiad exams make a great impact on the students on various levels as the students learn various skills like time management and critical thinking which plays a significant role as students work on their accuracy in order to perform well in an examination.


Tips to prepare for the maths Olympiad: 

1. Understand the syllabus –

The first step to follow for any exam is to know the syllabus properly. This gives an idea about what and what not to study. Without the understanding of the complete syllabus, it is possible that you might study irrelevant topics and ignore the important ones. The syllabus of math Olympiad is extensive and involves questions from various topics. Knowing the most relevant topics will help you allocate time for those and also select the most and least important topics.

2. Recognise the level –

Maths Olympiad is not like other school exams. You should gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of each topic along with theoretical and practical application. Obtain further understanding of every topic, chapter and formula.

3. Make a schedule –

It is better to set a routine and stick to it while preparing for the math Olympiad. If you don’t follow a study schedule or timetable, then you will not be able to cover the whole syllabus in its entirety. Having a schedule helps you stay organized and motivated so that you stay in the right direction. To perform well in an Olympiad, one needs to have a deeper understanding and knowledge of concepts and for this you must dedicate the time to learn these concepts apart from your homework and other activities that you complete. To balance the act and utilize the time efficiently, setting a schedule and working accordingly is essential.