Importance of teaching teens technology skills in the digital age

A teacher instructs a student at a computer in a classroom filled with students working at desktop computers teaching the technology skills

For most kids born since the mobile revolution, technology is something they’re accustomed to. And more so with the camera of the phone. However, being familiar with a phone doesn’t automatically mean your child is familiar with technology or understands it. In fact one of the greatest challenges today is kids learning and being curious about things –technology being one of them. This blog discusses why it’s essential to make sure your teens are skilled in technology. In a time when technology is everywhere, guiding your kids through the digital world not only prepares them for future success but also equips them with the skills to handle changes in the world. Let’s explore why introducing tech education early on is a great idea for your youngsters.

1. Access to information

A common myth that tends to follow parents is that if your child has access to the internet, they can learn anything and everything. While theoretically correct, accessing information and making sense of it is a skill more than ever. Ensuring your teens posses good technology skills  is part of your role and the school they go to –both. In case of CBSE, there is a clear curriculum dedicated to learning about tech. However, you, too can help nudge them along a mindset of discovery and interest. Although Information is at our fingertips, having the ability to navigate and make sense of it is an even greater skill. By teaching your child IT skills, it opens doors for them to explore a wide realm of information. Whether it’s for school projects, personal interests, or staying informed about the world, being tech-proficient allows your young one to access information quickly and efficiently. This not only enhances their learning experiences but also helps them feel more independent. In a time where there’s a lot of information everywhere, guiding your child in utilizing computers for gathering and processing information helps them make smart decisions and stay ahead in a world driven by knowledge. It’s a valuable tool for their academic journey and beyond. 

2. Career advancement

As your teens grow and will eventually step into the professional world, having strong technology skills opens doors to a lot of career opportunities. It’s common for kids today to be at least mildly interested in coding. These skills further become even more valuable in the job market. 

If we look at any technology adoption –it’s commonly broken into these phases –innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards. The job market values the innovators and early adopters for the most obvious reasons. The innovators often create the products you and I are most familiar with today. And those innovators didn’t happen by chance. They came about from a love for technology, exploration and solving problems they felt could be solved by technology. 

Whether it’s understanding software, navigating digital platforms, or even understanding the basics of coding, these skills are becoming really important for a wide range of careers. Many industries, be it healthcare or business,  need people who are comfortable with technology, and those who are good at it often do well in their careers. It’s as simple as being able to quickly adapt to new technologies, being comfortable with the idea of using different technology products –all point to a person who can adapt and grow with technology. With the rapid evolution of technology, AI and automation, this agility is incredibly and possibly the most crucial skill after curiosity. 

3. Global connectivity

The internet serves as a wonderful place most often –allowing curious minds to collaborate and peak into cultures, and inventions from around the world. This ability to then collaborate also opens up a world of opportunities for your child. How to help them explore the world? There are a host of free tools –right from art galleries, science experiments, to other tools which kids around the world can participate in. By participating in games, with kids also they learn to communicate, collaborate, and share ideas with friends all over the world. Kids who demonstrate This exposure not only broadens their views but also helps them sense global citizenship. Understanding how IT connects us globally, prepares them for all kinds of jobs that they might encounter in the future. At a time when kids are coming with innovation after another –the bare basic level of literacy, as technology evolves, is to be able to make sense of new products and services quickly. 

4. Quick and efficiency

Helping your teens understand technology is more than just knowing about gadgets; it’s about teaching them how to use digital stuff quickly and efficiently. CBSE inherently teaches computer skills to kids, as part of their overall syllabus to ensure kids can stay updated. However, being able to do some tasks quickly –such as saving files, copying them and other simple tasks helps them also use digital learning tools well. Be it doing their homework on documents, or presentations.  When you teach your kids to easily use different digital tools and platforms, you’re preparing them for success in both academic and professional realms. Efficient use of IT not only makes tasks easier but also opens doors to a wealth of information and opportunities. Whether it’s researching for school projects, communicating with friends, or preparing for future careers, the skill of being quick and efficient with computers becomes a key to your child’s success. 

5. Learning opportunities

While our classrooms and school at DPS Warangal has labs dedicated to different subjects, technology can open up a world of learning which gifted kids may benefit from. Simple examples being – using youtube or other tools to learn subjects which are not part of the school curriculum. The biggest skill kids will need for the years to come is being able to teach themselves, and being disciplined about pursuing a topic. And this can be honed if they know how to use tech, empower them to access information, engage in online courses, and explore different subjects in new and exciting ways. Moreover, these skills not only enhance academic pursuits but also foster a sense of curiosity and adaptability, preparing your kid for a future where continuous learning is the key to success. 

6. Cybersecurity awareness

In the digital age, where the online world intertwines with our daily lives, Introducing cybersecurity awareness to your teen is an important responsibility. With the constant evolution of scams, and cyber hacks, your kids should know how to identify some of the basic dangers–much like stranger danger. Teaching them about the importance of strong passwords,  being careful about tricky emails,  safeguarding personal information online and most importantly, having a safe word for online conversations with you –be it the phone or messages –is the key to staying safe. As kids use cell phones, it’s incredibly easy for them to fall prey to various schemes –be it financial, or other bullying. 

As parents, fostering cybersecurity awareness ensures that your teens develop a sharp insight, enabling them to identify and avoid potential online risks. It’s not just about using computers; it’s about using it smartly and safely. We want our children to be responsible and confident when using the internet.  Let’s work together to make sure kids have the right knowledge to stay safe in the online world.

7. Boosting creativity and problem-solving

Encouraging your teens to develop technology skills isn’t just about using gadgets; it’s a gateway to boosting their creativity and problem-solving abilities. Today, when innovation thrives and can come from any corner of the planet, kids who are good with tech can express their creativity in a multitude of ways. Whether it’s coding a new program, designing a website, or editing videos, these activities stimulate their imagination and encourage them to think outside the box. Navigating tech involves solving problems like fixing code or figuring out software issues, or simply being able to make sense of how a technology product works. These challenges help them become good at problem-solving, teaching one to approach obstacles with patience and analytical thinking. Kids most often and even adults get overwhelmed with new technology. But if you help inculcate a natural sense of patient step by step adoption –being an early adopter of tech becomes an inbuilt behaviour. When you teach your young ones about technology from an early age, you help them get ready for the future. They learn not just to handle new tech stuff but also to use it for being creative and solving problems. This way, they become prepared for a future where being imaginative and adaptable is really important.

With so much information available online and the world connected through tech, your young one needs to know information curation and be able to sift through valuable information quickly. The difference between information and data is your ability to make sense of it. Learning tech skills goes beyond school and work – it helps them keep learning new things, be creative, and solve problems. As parents, you have a crucial role in getting your teens ready for a world where knowing about IT is not just useful, but really necessary. Let’s guide them through the digital world and make sure they’re confident and prepared for whatever comes their way in this ever-changing world.