List of activities performed in morning assembly at DPS Warangal.

Various activities conducted in morning assembly at DPS Warangal.

School Assemblies are a great medium for kids to learn more about school, its culture and values. During the morning assembly, students assemble in one place, either in the school hall or ground, where prayers are held, instructions are given and news is read out. School assembly is more than just gathering at one place and making announcements. It is an opportunity to get involved in various activities and get a sense of belonging to something larger than the self. Sometimes, students and principals deliver speeches on various topics.

At DPS Warangal, the purpose of conducting school assembly are as follows:

  1. To foster the feeling of unity and association among students.
  2. To clarify school activities and programs.
  3. To enhance communication and leadership skills in students.
  4. Encourage students to share their stories and experiences.
  5. To facilitate moral development of students.


Some of the activities performed at DPS Warangal in morning assembly are:

1. Prayer –

Prayer at DPS Warangal morning assembly helps to set the positive tone for the day and generates faith and inner strength to face life’s challenges. It creates a pious environment that helps individuals to connect with one’s inner self. It helps to promote values and qualities like humility, compassion and empathy and diminishes ego. This kind of positivity helps students to put their soul and mind in the right place and face the day with positivity and enthusiasm. Inculcating spiritual values in students is as important as preparing them academically.

2. Breathing exercise –

Breathing exercise increases oxygen intake and promotes a focused and calm mind. This helps to reduce anxiety and stress among students. Breathing exercise reduces hectic rush during school time and makes them focus on the next task. Breathing exercise is easy to learn and can be practiced anywhere. It improves the efficiency of lungs, enhances memory and improves decision- making abilities.

3. News Reading –

News reading is an important and useful activity for students to start the day. It helps to get a brief understanding of what’s happening in the country and around the world. It enhances reading skills, vocabulary and knowledge. Benefits of reading newspaper paper for students are:

  • It enhances reading and writing skills by promoting  the vocabulary and sentence framing skills.
  • Students get news about sports events and economics decisions being made in the nation and across the world.
  • They get a treasure trove of information which helps them prepare for competition, quizzes and contests.
  • The habit of reading newspapers daily helps develop oratory skills  which boosts their active participation in speeches, debates and discussions. Their developing knowledge about various topics promotes confidence and helps them speak without any hesitation in front of others.

4. Birthday celebrations –

Birthday is a special day in everyone’s life.  Celebrating students’ birthdays in the school assembly in front of students and teachers cheers them up and gives them a memory to cherish. During the birthday celebration, all students sing the happy birthday song and the birthday girl/boy gets a chance to share his thoughts or story.