Testimonials from DPS Warangal CBSE school parents

Testimonials from DPS Warangal CBSE school parents

One of the top schools in Telangana, India, is the Delhi Public School Warangal is a school that follows CBSE affiliation, much like all other DPS schools, around the country. The school provides students with a top-notch education from nursery to class XII. The school is well-known for its extracurricular offerings, state-of-the-art facilities, and academic excellence but an equal emphasis on giving back to the community. Reading testimonials from parents who have sent their children to the school, however, is the most accurate approach to judge its performance.

Here are a few of the parent’s testimonials:

1. Parent Dr. Anita Rathod – 

I’m the mother of both daughters. They’re twins and they’re studying in the UKG  of the DPS primary school. I’m convinced by the kind of holistic exposure they are given in DPS because this is what I wanted actually. And this is what I’ve been looking for, that kind of multi-dimensional growth, creative arts and performing various activities and teachers trying to appreciate and support, encourage them in these kinds of activities. Yes, this is the right kind of, you know, schooling for my kids, I feel and I can trust them now with more conviction.

2. Parent Ms. Sonal Karani – 

There was a big change in the way my daughter evolved from an introvert, her communication skills became very super. She became the school captain too. The management of DPS has always been open to positive suggestions. They were very open when parents came in and spoke about their concerns too. So this makes a lot of difference.

3. Parent Dr. Anita V –

I trust DPS for both my kids because public schools have a very good infrastructure compared to the other schools in terms of a playground. And in terms of other facilities like computer labs. So my son is a gold medalist in the Olympiad exams. And so school support helps a lot in giving him all-round development. In terms of teaching, teachers are supportive and good and all feedback from the parents is positively addressed. 

4. Parent Dr. Sumanth Kumar B –

As a parent, I’m very much happy. He’s developed 360° in his life. Not only academic point of view but quotes extracurricular, and co-curricular activities. My son was having doubts about his science subject. Teachers have taken special care of him to understand its application in the day to day life. My son was a little bit shy earlier after taking part in the DPS competitions and different programs. He’s now outspoken and defeated his stage fear.

5. Parent Dr. Aswani D – 

Lucky that DPS was starting a franchise here.  DPS Warangal has played a very major role in the progress of both my kids. Mainly my Children went into mostly public speaking, leadership, organizing things, MUN, etc.

Parents who have enrolled their students in the school have given DPS Warangal CBSE School positive ratings.  What makes the school very unusual compared to schools in the area is that it caters to both day scholars, and boarding school children, across genders, i.e. it’s a co-ed school. Not only is the school’s curriculum well-rounded, but the staff also ensures that students develop a variety of soft skills around hobbies, speaking, competition, and leadership through activities integrated in academics, extracurricular events, and community service.

The instructors are knowledgeable, upbeat, and sympathetic, and they go above and beyond to support the success of each student. The school has the best infrastructure, boasting a remarkable 12 acres, with modern amenities and infrastructure. DPS Warangal CBSE School is, in general, a fantastic choice for parents who want to provide their children with the right values and instill a sense of independence within themselves.