The teachers in DPS Warangal: approach and methods to teach

Approach and method of teachers at DPS Warangal.

Teachers have a significant influence in student’s lives. Besides parents, teachers have an undeniable influence in shaping the future of students. A teacher’s presence can guide the student to be more valuable and moralistic in their lives. The approach and methods followed by teachers should help students to achieve learning outcomes. Teachers at DPS Warangal follow an approach that is centered around four pillars to ensure well-rounded development.

1. Scientific temperament

Students are motivated to use reliable observational thinking and not merely rely on logic and facts. The students of DPS Warangal think rationally and follow an unbounded approach towards life.

2. Creative disposition towards problem-solving

Students are encouraged to use imagination and innovation to find solutions to a problem when standard processes and methods have failed. They motivate students to follow a creative problem solving approach and inculcate the idea of “learning as a lifelong process.”

3. Compassion towards each other

Students are provided equal opportunity to grow in different fields of academics, sports and creativity with the view to develop a sense of responsibility, leadership and teamwork among students. The school also encourages kids to practise compassion, empathy and kindness within themselves and towards each other.

4. Academic excellence to build future

Teachers inspire, educate and celebrate the achievements of students. DPS Warangal builds the academic excellence of students with the best education, progressive environment, and challenging competition. Students are given equal opportunity to grow in fields of academics, sports and creativity.


Methods DPS Warangal follows are:

•Activity based learning

School also offers regular educational trips to develop real life problem solving skills in children. Engaging students in fun activities helps the children to learn and understand basic concepts. The school follows a flexible method because of the diversity of students. Residential students also gain the value of self-discipline which helps them evolve as better human beings. 

•Integrated method

Students are taught different subjects like history, geography and science using an integrated approach so that they understand the interrelation between different subjects. This helps them grasp the concept with much more ease and remember it for a long time.

•Technology based learning

Students are exposed to technology and practical learning through various experiments in laboratories and teaching through e-learning based classrooms. The school believes in approaching students individually to make them focus on their growth and development.

 • Project based learning

Through various project development and exhibitions, the habit of project based learning is inculcated in students. This helps them to easily understand the concept by simplifying it.

Tactics followed at the school includes:

  1. The learning modules contribute towards growth and development of the students.
  2. The learning process interweaves values and ethics.
  3. School holds special assemblies to signify the importance of beginning day with positive thoughts and to commemorate special events.
  4. Students instil many virtues and values throughout the school time.
  5. Students follow a good etiquette and hygiene.