Top 10 festivals celebrated at DPS Warangal

An image showcasing the top 10 festivals celebrated in DPS Warangal school.

Each year, the school–one of the best CBSE schools in the tri-city area of Hanamkonda, Warangal, and Kazipet–focuses on celebrating important festivals that form the rockbed of our cultural heritage. As a reflection of India’s rich multicultural celebrations, the school encourages children to celebrate all festivals with great excitement. The school lays special emphasis on ensuring that children understand the significance of the festival, along with the history tied to it. 

Top 10 festivals celebrated at DPS, Warangal are:

  • Makar Sankranti :

Makar Sankranti also known as Sakraat or khichdi is the festival of harvesting, kites and charity and is celebrated throughout India in myriad cultural forms, with great devotion, splendour, fervour, gaiety and glory. Each region has its distinct tradition of celebrations. The forms are different but the purpose is the same. Children at DPS Hanamkonda, Warangal School celebrate the festival by bidding goodbye to the winter season and giving a rousing welcome to the spring season. It’s about prayers, sweets and kites.

  • Vasant Panchami:

The festival of Vasant Panchami marks the end of winter and the onset of spring. Vasant Panchami, also known as Saraswati Puja is considered to be the birthday of Goddess Saraswati, as she is said to have appeared on earth to eradicate the sadness of all living beings, through the gift of speech. This is why Goddess Saraswati, the deity of knowledge, music, arts, science and technology is worshipped on this day. Keeping the tradition of inculcating values in today’s modern times, DPS Primary School commemorated this special day with great fervour, and venerated Goddess Saraswati for her blessings. The children devotionally rendered the “Saraswati Vandana’ as they implored the goddess to bestow the gift of knowledge and wisdom on them and all those associated with the institution. 

  • Ugadi/Gudi Padwa:

Ugadi is celebrated every year in April. Sanskrit words- ‘yug’ means era and ‘adi’ means beginning to combine to form the word Ugadi. Ugadi marks the beginning of a new year. As per mythology, on this day,  the creator of the world Lord Brahma, began his creation. Spending the first day of the New Year happily fills the whole year with positive beginnings and abundance. On this day, people welcome the first day of the year with a great celebration. DPS, Warangal celebrates Ugadi by wearing new clothes and making a special dish ‘Ugadi Pachadi’ which is made of raw mango, neem, jaggery, salt and pepper. This dish is unique to the festival and also symbolises the start of mango season.

  • Raksha Bandhan:

Raksha Bandhan is a festival which cherishes the bond between the brothers and sisters. On this day, sisters tie rakhi around the wrist of their brothers to pray for their health and prosperity. Brothers promise to protect their sisters under all circumstances and take care of them. Girls at DPS, Warangal tie Rakhi around the wrist of boys. The main motive behind celebrating ‘Raksha Bandhan’ was making the children aware about the wholesome bond of love between a brother and a sister. Students enthusiastically participate in decoration, rakhi-making competitions, gift wrapping and thali decoration activities. The innocent smiles and colourful attires brightened the ambience and lifted the spirit. And while it’s not a reflection of gender differences, the festival is a wholesome celebration of the endearing sibling relationship and bond.

  • Krishna Janmashtami:

Janmashtami is a Hindu festival to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation of God Vishnu. Major celebrations of Krishna Janmashtami take place at midnight. Janmashtami is the celebration of the victory of good over evil. Children at Delhi Public School, Warangal come dressed up as Radha and Krishna as a symbolic celebration. The little ‘bal gopals’ perform devotional songs on the life of Shree Krishna. Kids craft and decorate beautiful items like matkas, flutes, and crowns.

  • Bathukamma:

Bathukamma or Shakthi is a colourful flower festival celebrated in Telangana and other parts of Andhra Pradesh. The months of September-October before the onset of winter mark the celebration of Bathukamma. Bathukamma is the celebration to honour the human relationship with Water and Earth. Videos and mythology behind the festival were presented in front of kids during the special assembly which commenced the celebration at DPS, Warangal. Kids dressed up in traditional attires and displayed a beautiful arrangement of flowers to celebrate the colourful festival of Bathukamma.

  • Ganesh Chaturthi:

Ganesh Chaturthi is a 10-day festival marking the birth of Lord Ganesh. The festival commenced with idols of Lord Ganesha placed in raised platforms where people worshipped by singing Vedic hymns and offering flowers, sandalwood paste and bhog. Carrying the idols to local rivers with full devotion along with dancing and singing, and Immersing it in the river symbolises Lord Ganesha’s return to his home in Kailash Parvat. At DPS, Warangal children celebrated by performing a play throwing light on the life of Lord Ganesh. Students learnt about the significance of the festival and eco-friendly ways of celebrating the festival.

  • Diwali:

Diwali is known as the “festival of lights” and is celebrated to symbolize the victory of light over darkness by lighting oil lamps and decorating homes and cities with strings of twinkling lights. During the Diwali celebration, families gather together for Lakshmi puja, a prayer to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh followed by mouth-watering feasts and firework festivities. Delhi Public School, Warangal celebrates the Diwali festival with great zeal. Diwali celebrations in school began with a prayer to bring peace and love in hearts and thoughts. Kids discussed the significance of the celebration and victory of goodness over evil. Students and teachers also participated in rangoli making, lighting the candles and thali decoration.

  • Christmas:

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December as an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God. Christmas is a cultural and religious celebration among billions of people around the globe. It is a festival that fills joy, happiness and love in people’s lives. Popular customs include attending Church, exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, baking cakes and sharing meals with family and friends. People, especially children, wait for Santa Claus to bring gifts. During the Christmas Day celebration at Delhi Public School, Warangal children came dressed in red, white and green and decorated the Christmas Tree, wrapped gifts, sang Christmas carols and enjoyed playing fun games. Santa Claus surprised the students by bringing lots of gifts for them.

  • Ramzan:

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. It is a sacred time of year for Muslims all over the world. Ramzan is a month of dawn-to-dusk fasting and intense prayer. During Ramzan, one should detach from worldly pleasures and focus on one’s inner self. In DPS, Warangal students and teachers turned up in traditional attire, offered Namaz and exchanged wishes of Ramzan by hugging one another.