What is an investiture ceremony in schools and how it helps build leadership?

Investiture Ceremony at DPS Warangal.


New leaders are vested with responsibilities and powers during an Investiture ceremony. Investiture ceremony is the act of conferring authority. The school welcomes a new chapter in its history and events. The selection of student council is a detailed process. The process begins with an opportunity for each student with necessary grades to self-nominate by responding to some of the key questions on leadership and responsibility.

The score is provided to the shortlisted students on the basis of their sense of discipline, leadership, and responsibility. For selection in the interview round, students need to score good in the first two rounds. Interview panel tests student’s confidence by asking a few questions based on their position. Then the committee selects the leaders for school. The development of leadership in students is the process of involving students in significant ways both in and beyond the classroom. Investiture is one amongst many opportunities provided to students to engage in activities. It encourage and promote values of responsibility and respect. 

Leadership building in Investiture ceremony:

  1. Students formulate rules in context to the school policy and serve as changemakers and positive influencers of the future.
  2. It is one of the historical occasions when the school entrusts faith, hope and responsibility with the newly appointed school cabinet. This ceremony signifies the confidence and reliance that the school invests in the newly elected office bearers. The students understand that leaders become great by their ability to empower others.
  3. Badges are offered to students. They proceed towards their responsibility to maintain utmost discipline in school and assist teachers in their pursuit. The Principal addresses students. Through the speech he/she promotes self-motivation and the spirit of ‘service before self’ in students. The Principal encourages them to embrace their duty with perseverance, loyalty, and humility.

The event ends on a note of compliance and positivity, where leaders take oath to handle their responsibility, encounter the challenges and would work on their weaknesses that come on the way to serve school and students. Investiture ceremony concludes with aspiration and hopes and the auditorium cheering and motivating the newly elected students for the impact that they are going to create.