What is the importance of yoga and meditation in students’ lives?

Students of DPS Warangal doing yoga considering importance of yoga and meditation.

Yoga and meditation together lead to the overall development of students as both activities contribute directly to concentration and mental peace among students or even adults for that matter. 

Yoga and meditation are considered to provide relaxation and peace of mind as it slows the body’s responses down, and bring stillness to the practitioner. Meditation involves deep and slow breathing with coordination of mental concentration. Yoga combines flexibility and toughness exercises for the relaxation of muscles; and regardless of the school of yoga being practised, it always supports strength and conditioning. These exercises improve the immune system which helps in resolving a lot of physical and mental health issues. To tackle academic challenges and make rational decisions by thinking with a different perspective, clarity of thought is necessary. Meditation and yoga helps students to control their emotions and analyse the outcome of their actions. School curriculum must inculcate yoga and meditation as it plays an important role in the development of students.

Some advantages of yoga and meditation in a student’s life include:

  • Strength: 

Students are preoccupied with various activities throughout the day and therefore it is important that they possess endurance and strength to manage everything efficiently. Developing these skills at a younger age allows children to develop into balanced, and well-rounded individuals. Regular practice of yoga and meditation increases endurance and strength. Yoga poses to increase overall body strength include dolphin push-up, plank and cobra pose. Breathing exercises include taking deep breaths. It improves air intake that results in increased energy throughout the day while performing heavy activities. Yoga poses provide strength to lower back muscles and build deep core strength and abdominal muscles. Increased strength and flexibility allow daily tasks to be handled effortlessly and meditation provides calmness and peace of mind that improves a student’s academic performance.

  • Flexibility:

The best CBSE Boarding schools of Warangal follow a schedule of practising yoga regularly during school assemblies which provides flexibility in the student’s bodies. Flexibility is one of the essential elements of better physical health. With time, the human body does tend to lose flexibility due to aging, an inactive lifestyle, improper posture, stress, and unhealthy habits. To boost flexibility, regular yoga practice, whether at school or at home, is one of the best approaches to increase mobility in your joints and muscles. Yoga poses also help in building muscle strength and reduce feelings of stress or anxiety. These exercises will cause pain, fatigue, and stiffness at first but with regular practice, will build muscular strength and provide a flexible body. Students participating in sports require flexibility and strength to perform better, which is provided by regular exercise.

  • Stress management:

Sometimes a student’s life can get stressful and tiresome dealing with different kinds of pressure related to exams, homework, studies and games. Yoga can help them relax their mind as it draws away focus from busy life to one’s inner self and strength. Meditation decreases stress levels and  promotes a calming effect in the body. Students who practise yoga and meditation feel happier and concentrated.. By breath control in meditation, one learns to focus for longer periods of time, and engage in deep work. The slow, rhythmic breathing one learns in meditation also helps in moderating breathing during stressful times.. Yoga poses also involve coordination of physical activity and breathing at the same time. Simple exercises like gazing at one spot also promote sharp focus.