DPS Warangal has access to a sizable library and other materials. Encyclopedias, reference books, dictionaries, journals, thesauruses, magazines, and other books total roughly 7500 volumes.

Three sizable, state-of-the-art laboratories specifically devoted to the study of physics, chemistry, and biology help students grasp issues outside of their textbooks and outside of the traditional classroom setting.

The field of technology known as robotics studies how to build, operate, develop, and apply robots and computer systems for control, sensory feedback, and information processing.

The arts and crafts section is a vibrant, thrilling, and energising location. It includes a variety of techniques, including making posters, paintings, collages, origami, kites, tying and dyeing, etc.

The classrooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology, such as smart boards with overhead projectors and internet access for better learning for students.

There are two computer laboratories in the school, each with more than 40 computers. The students receive training on applications like Flash, Web Designing, Visual Basic, Oracle, MS Office, Java, etc. 

On the grounds of the school, a clinic, a health centre, and an infirmary were established. Two seasoned nurses are responsible for maintaining the specialised School Infirmary.

The school has 40 vans and school buses available to pick up and drop off students safely from various locations. To ensure the students’ safety during their travel, they used female attendants, experienced drivers, and well-trained drivers.

Each student at Delhi Public School, Warangal, is given the opportunity to realise their musical ability through singing and music competitions hosted at the school on various festive occasions. Under the instruction of exceptionally qualified music professors, students write songs.