Children’s Day Celebration (Primary)


“Every child is a story yet to be told, a canvas waiting to unfold. Happy Children’s Day to the little stars who light up our world with their laughter, curiosity, and boundless dreams!”

Delhi Public School, Warangal, celebrated Children’s Day with creative and vibrant activities for Pre-Primary students (LKG to Grade II), filled with laughter. The day kicked off with a delightful drawing competition, where tiny hands unleashed their imagination on paper. Rhymes and Poetry Recitation followed, showcasing the little poets’ talents as they recited verses with enthusiasm. The excitement continued with Storytelling, allowing young storytellers to transport their friends into magical worlds through their narratives. Show and Tell and Act It Out competitions added an interactive element, allowing the children to share their favorite possessions and showcase their acting skills. Tiny tots showcased their boundless energy in a medley of activities, from spirited running races to lively musical chairs. Laughter echoed as they joyfully engaged in nice games, skillfully maneuvering hula hoops with infectious enthusiasm. The event was a delightful fusion of fun and coordination, creating a memorable experience for both the little participants and onlookers.
Amidst the joyous activities, the highlight was the “Food Under Tree” experience, where children relished delicious treats in a cozy outdoor setting. The day was a perfect blend of learning, creativity, and fun, leaving the little ones with cherished memories of a joy-filled Children’s Day celebration.