Rotary Club Drawing Competition


🌈✨ Celebrate Children’s Day with us! Rotary Club Hanumkonda hosted a drawing competition at DPS Warangal (grades III-V) on “Stop Pollution, Save Earth, and Save Environment.”

Rotary Club: 500+ clubs worldwide, fighting polio, supporting education, aiding the physically challenged, and organizing blood donation camps. 🌐❤️

Dignitaries from Rotary Club Hanamkonda, including President A. Ravindranath Tagore, Secretary Shirish Kumar, and Coordinator Indrasena Reddy, graced the occasion.

Pro Vice Chairman Ravi Kiran Reddy and Principal Mrs. Pillai Manjumol ShivaShankar awarded winners, with President A. Ravindranath inspiring students. 🏆📚

Big thanks to our chief guests! 🙏💙

Your support matters; we look forward to your active participation! 🤝🎉 #ChildrensDay #DPSWarangal #RotaryClubHanumkonda