How boarding schools help develop a child’s personality?

How boarding schools help develop a child's personality

Boarding school is an educational institution where students study and reside on the campus grounds. While choosing a private boarding school is an important decision, understanding how it helps a child’s personality is critical.

Children can stay in touch with their parents via phone calls or visits. Boarding schools encourage students to think differently by helping them explore their talents and skills beyond academics. Children engage in a wide range of extracurricular activities focused on individual development, and social skills such as playing various sports, and joining different clubs related to arts, music and dance. Personality is the best summarisation of a human being which distinguishes an individual in terms of interpersonal behavioural traits. 

Outcomes from personality development:

  • Can find new life goals.
  • Identifying your likes and dislikes.
  • Find like-minded individuals.
  • Better understanding of others. 
  • Learn acceptance and support diversity.

The ways in which a boarding school helps students develop a good personality are:

1. Self-reliance and discipline –

The fixed ruleset followed by a boarding school makes the child self-reliant and responsible. Students at boarding schools are moulded as independent beings. Students at boarding schools must manage their time in order to follow the curriculum efficiently and juggle different activities. They are responsible for their own decisions and mistakes they might possibly make in the process. Time management, stress management, and ethics are among the many skills that a boarding school teaches students and make them responsible citizens.

2. Adapting to different environments –

Students at boarding schools adapt, and learn to adjust rather than complain when faced with different uncommon, or unfamiliar scenarios. They are adaptable to diverse circumstances and situations. Boarding schools prepare students for future challenges as life is constantly unpredictable, and it is crucial that one has the ability to face them with a resilient spirit. Children come out of a boarding school being well-prepared and determined to handle all manner of challenges.

3. Broader perspective and co-operation –

The presence of different cultures and traditions helps them to develop a broader perspective towards contradictory, and novel ideologies. Sharing their routines with children from diverse cultures and ethnicities in boarding schools builds a sense of cooperation and harmony which later develops into a sense of tolerance, compassion and understanding for each other.

Students at boarding schools build and share long-lasting friendships and bonds with children through lived and shared common experiences, and memories. These bonds, built in the early years, also are the ones they rely on later on in life, as they develop careers. They know how to communicate their thoughts and emotions effectively and understand others as well.

4. Curriculum focused on activity and skills development –

Great academics and extracurricular activities are notable advantages of joining a boarding school. However, the curricula being used are of importance, since each school follows different learning pedagogies based on their affiliation. A CBSE school, ICSE school, state board, and IB school –each follows different learning journeys for students.  

Many schools combine different elements of study other than their formal education, like the boarding schools in Warangal offer different fields of studies like robotics to prepare students for a competitive career in the global job market. Given Warangal’s popularity as a hub for engineering students, some CBSE schools also focus on test prep support to lend students extra help in graduating to NIT, IITs and other engineering and STEM colleges. They also teach different foreign languages to expose students to diverse cultures and encourage them to explore different countries.

Apart from education, boarding schools also promote students’ involvement in various extracurricular activities including different forms of dance, music and singing. They promote arts and crafts activities like sculpting and different styles of painting. This curriculum boosts their interests in different fields and encourages them to pursue a career in their field of interest.

The lifestyle, exposure and progressive environment provided by boarding schools act as a perfect catalyst for the children. As Boarding schools are becoming popular schooling choices among parents and students, you can also schedule a tour of the best CBSE boarding schools in Hanamkonda, Warangal that meet your child’s requirements.