How to choose a boarding school for your child?

various facilities offered by a boarding school

Choosing a boarding school will be one of the most important decisions in your child’s life since it forms the foundation of friendships, learnings, and values which he/she/they will grow up with. Depending on the age from which they attend a boarding school, will also determine their personality and the influence the school system will have on their minds. In considering schools, apart from it being a well-known name, these are the top 10 aspects to think of while shortlisting names. 

  • Academics:  Choose a boarding school that includes your child’s field of interest with the best faculty who can help children reach their potential and encourage them to follow what they’re truly passionate about. It also builds the path for students to enter their dream university or college.
  • Location: Choose a location where your child can enjoy outdoor activities as well. A close family or friend near the boarding school can be a great help in case of an emergency. And if that’s not feasible, ensure that the school is well-connected to major air, and railway junctions. 
  • Discipline: As the child is away from home, a boarding school should provide a disciplined and healthy environment which can nurture a child’s overall personality, in a friendly, but the firm environment.
  • Extracurricular Activities: The boarding school should have qualified and skilled faculty to train the child in any extracurricular activities that he/she is interested in.
  • Cultural background: It is important to check what values and culture the boarding school provides. The student’s behaviour towards their teacher and other students, ease of communication between teacher and students, no-bullying policy, and the discipline policy that the school offers. 
  • Access to mobile phones: While it’s important for kids to be connected to family and the internet, ensuring they’re able to do so in a safe, and secure manner is equally important to safeguard them from a number of issues that can harm them. 
  • Team building and character development: One should also understand the school’s focus on character development through a focus on a selection of activities, team building events, and activities that encourage the child to participate with different groups 
  • School campus: A visit to the school campus is a must to ensure that the facilities match what has been mentioned. Additionally, communicating with existing students to understand their opinions and experience of living on the school premises is also necessary to get firsthand opinions 
  • Quality of pastoral care: While many schools claim to have high-quality support for students, often meeting with the faculty, staff, and existing students is the best way to gauge how students feel supported while away from home. Do the teachers pay attention to student needs, and how are students treated when they’re unwell are some of the considerations. 
  • Preparation for post-school: Before enrolling in a boarding school, as a parent, it’s important to evaluate what opportunities or career choices does the school help prepare its students for. Is it oriented towards STEM careers, artistic, linguistic, or other choices which will in turn affect the post-school education opportunities your child might be interested in?

Choosing the right boarding school for your child is an important decision that shapes their academic and personal development. Prioritize aspects like academics, location, discipline, extracurricular activities, cultural values, and quality of pastoral care. Checking all these things helps make sure your child has a good place to grow and prepares them effectively for post-school pursuits.